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When we started Bay Currents in southern Brooklyn in 2004, we said in the maiden-voyage issue, "You are holding in your hands the first issue of Bay Currents..."

Now, as we roll out that publication's offspring, the all-digital BROOKLYN CURRENTS, you still could be holding it in your hands on a mobile platform – or you could be viewing it on your lap, on your desk, on your large-screen wall monitor, you name it.

The point is, although the medium has changed from ink to pixels, our goal remains the same – to bring to Brooklyn meaningful, unsensationalized, thoughtful features and information about our unique community from experienced writers and editors who know the difference between fact and opinion.

We welcome – we encourage – your input. Tell us what you'd like to see us cover. Give us your thoughts and opinions. Give us your own coverage of activities and events important to you and your neighbors.

Almost a decade ago, we had proudly stated that Bay Currents was your paper.

Now, BROOKLYN CURRENTS is your site.

Senior Currents: News and features on the care, health, and lifestyles of our community's elders
Science Currents: Interesting stories on medicine and health, technology, and astronomy
Education Currents: Schools and education in our community
Publisher's Notebook: take on the issues our readers are thinking and talking about
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