29-year-old special-ed teacher dies after hit by two vehicles in Midwood

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                                                                          Hermanda Booker

A special education teacher was killed after being hit by a car and a bus on her way to work Tuesday morning, Jan. 3 in Midwood.

Police say 29-year old Hermanda Booker was crossing the street at Nostrand Avenue near Kings Highway when a white SUV hit her.
Then, as Booker was lying in the street, police say a school bus making  a left turn onto Nostrand Avenue from Kings Highway hit her again.

Both the driver of the SUV and the bus driver remained on the scene, police said. There were no charges as of this posting.

Booker was taken to Beth Israel Medical Center on Kings Highway with severe trauma to her torso. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Her father, Herman Booker, says there should be more done in the neighborhood to help pedestrians cross the street.

"At an intersection like that, they need to have cameras. They need to have some sort of camera because it's not the first time people are getting knocked down in that intersection," Herman Booker said. "Tragic enough my daughter had to pay the ultimate price by getting killed."

The Deparment of Education says Booke rhad  taught at P.S. 760K since September of last year, the Department of Education stated.

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Council Member Jumaane D. Williams released this statement:

"I'd like to offer prayers of peace and comfort to the family of Hermanda Booker, who lost her life tragically this morning while commuting to work. The lost of a loved one is never easy, especially when a life is taken so suddenly and so young. Hermanda was in the prime of her life and it saddens me to see the community lose someone who by all accounts was passionate about their work and improving children's lives.

"These next few days and weeks are going to be especially hard for her family and friends. I pray their loving memories of Hermanda will help to see them through their grief."


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