Candles for the seven children

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Hundreds of men and women – including some from out of the area and some not Jewish – assembled for a candle-light vigil Sunday evening, March 22 at the Midwood home where an early Saturday morning fire killed seven children in the Sassoon family, leaving the mother and one daughter in critical condition.

"When I heard that seven children perished like that, I couldn't just sit home," said Gloria Simmonds of Glenwood, Brooklyn, a mother and grandmother. " I hope that G-d will keep their souls close to Him."

"It's a message," said a middle-aged man who had driven in from Monsey to light candles for the children. "Perhaps it will being the Jewish community closer together."

Many of the people who came out for the vigil echoed the sentiments of the father, Gabriel Sassoon, who between sobs spoke at the funeral earlier in the day  -- attended by thousands of mourners in and outside a Borough Park chapel --  of the need to learn from the tragedy to "love every child, every second."



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