Charity begins at home -- specifically, in the backyard

Brooklyn Currents | 5/25/2014 | 0 comments

Kids line up to play the games and sample the refreshments at home-grown carnival  (BC photo)

If you think that pre-teens are all self-centered, bratty complainers, you should meet Aryeh Kerstein, an 11-year-old student at Chaim Berlin Yeshiva who, with help from several classmates, organized a carnival in his backyard on East 18th Street in Midwood to raise money for an organization helping the poor.

"We did it last year -- it worked out well, so we did it again now," Aryeh said as he supervised the booths and ticket sales on Sunday, May 25, with sunshine and temperatures in the 70s making it a perfect afternoon for a carnival.

The kids sold coupons -- eight for a dollar -- that could be redeemed for games and refreshments.  Like any good businessman, Aryeh had borrowed the money to pay for the set-up of the booths and snack tables, and planned to pay it back with the money from the coupon sales. Whatever was left, he would donate to Tov V'Chesed, an organization aiding the needy.

There was little doubt that things would go exactly that way -- by mid-afternoon, Aryeh had a literal fistful of $1, $5, and $10 bills.

                                                                                     -- David Glenn


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