Another amphitheater controversy in Coney Island

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      Advocates protest the city's demolition of the Boardwalk Community Garden

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It seems that  efforts to build an amphitheater in Conery Island inevitably are  beset  with controversy.

For years, then Borough President Marty Markowitz tried to erect a $64 million  amphitheater in Asser Levy Park on the Coney Island-Brighton Beach border -- this was met with fierce opposition and litigation from  area residents and officials of  local houses of worship  who feared the effects of noise and parking congestion, and the massive theater was never built.

Now, community members and advocates are suing the city over the demolition of the Boardwalk Community Garden in Coney Island.

After 16 years of use, the garden was bulldozed in late December to make way for a\ new  amphitheater.

Community members say that the demolition was illegal.

They say that the Department of Parks and Recreation never told them that the land was no longer listed as a garden, and that the city did not do an adequate environmental review.

"We are not against development. We are against development that is environmentally insensitive, that is community insensitive, and that doesn't really serve a purpose at this location," said Aziz Dehkan, executive director of NYC Community Garden. "Yes, we would love to see the amphitheater being built. No, we don't want it being built where it is."

Some 30 families used the park to grow fresh vegetables, residents said.


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