Woman, 9-months pregnant, hit and killed by snow plow; baby survives

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A pregnant woman was struck and killed by a snow plow in Sunset  Park on Thursday morning, Feb. 13, police said -- the second time in less than  two weeks that a Brooklyn resident was hit and killed by a plow.

Min Lin, 36, nine months pregnant, was loading groceries with her husband about 10:40 a.m.. in the parking lot of the Fei Long supermarket at 6301 8th Ave. when she was hit by the plow backing up, police said. Her husband was not hurt.

The 6-pound, 6-ounce baby boy was delivered by emergency C-section at Maimonides Medical Center and was in critical condition.  The baby went without oxygen for 17 minutes before he was delivered, a complication that could have damaged the baby’s brain and organs, heartbroken family members said.

Supermarket owner Wu Wu, 42, who was operating the Bobcat plow, remained at the scene. An investigation was continuing, the NYPD said.

Lin lived near the supermarket. "Very depressing and sad, Very sad, especially that she's leaving a kid behind," said a neighbor.

"Very polite person, you know. I knew her as a neighbor. She'd come out with her family and her friends, always said hello," said another.

 Lin was also the mother of a 5-year-old boy, Kevin.

The young mom was nervous about going out in the snowstorm Thursday morning, but opted to brave the elements so she and her husband, who works at a restaurant in New Jersey, could make a scheduled appointment with her obstetrician.

“I talked to her in the morning,” a family friend said. “[She said] it may be hard to take her son to school. She said [she’d] maybe stay home, but today she wanted to go to see the doctor.

On the couple’s door was a Chinese New Year charm that, when loosely translated, means “Be safe."

This was the second time this month that  a Brooklyn resident was killed by a vehicle removing snow.

On Monday, Feb. 3, a plow, also privately operated, backed into  a 73-year-old man in Brighton Beach. Stanslav Chernyshov was crossing Brighton Beach Avenue in the middle of the street when the backhoe, clearing snow at the Oceana Terrace apartment complex, struck him, police said.

In another snowplow incident,  early  Wednesday morning, Feb. 5,   a man was walking along Coney Island Avenue when he was buried under an avalanche of snow from a fast-moving city snowplow, in front of the JM Legend auto dealership. The localized snowfall, which was captured on video  by the dealership's surveillance cameras,  also broke the front window of the showroom. The man, who identified himself only as "Pedro," was able to walk away on his own, but he said he felt pain in his eyes, adding that he was considering suing the city.


Borough President Eric Adams issued this statement after Min Lin's death:

“Today, Brooklyn mourns the passing of Min Lin, who was fatally struck by a snowplow vehicle,  as well as prays for the health of her newborn child. {The tragedy] is heightened here because, just 10 days ago, our borough lost Stanislav Chernyshov, when a backhoe pushing snow fatally struck him in Brighton Beach.

"These incidents underscore the need for motorists, as well as cyclists and pedestrians, to take extra precautions in hazardous weather conditions, such as we have experienced this winter.

"Additionally, we must further impress the importance of safe driving and operation of snow removal vehicles, which must include proper training for operators.”


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