Mitik is moved from freezing Coney to sunny Texas

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While we're coping with a deep freeze, one resident of Brooklyn -- at the New York Aquarium -- is soaking in the sun in the Lone Star State.

Mitik, an affectionate walrus who has captured the hearts of many New Yorkers, was temporarily relocated to SeaWorld in San Antonio while his home in Coney Island is being renovated.

Mitik had arrived in Brooklyn as a 15-week-old orphan from Alaska with an array of  health problems, just weeks before Hurricane Sandy damaged much of the aquarium in October 2012.

Aquarium officials decided that Mitik would do better in the warm Texas weather as they worked on the life-support system of the marine mammal exhibit.

Two adult female walruses at the Aquarium are staying, but are in a holding area.

Renovations of the Aquarium -- an extensive undertaking --  are expected to be completed in two years.

                                                          -- NY1, The New York Times, and Brooklyn Currents


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