Baby dolphin gets trapped in Coney Island canal

Brooklyn Currents | 11/15/2013 | 0 comments

A baby dolphin was trapped in a canal off Coney Island on Thursday evening, Nov. 14.

Police said the dolphin swam under a debris boom blocking the mouth of the creek during low tide, and couldn't free itself.

On the advice of a marine preservation group, police cut the boom away and were monitoring the situation.

Witnesses  expressed concern.

"I'm hoping that they save it, because I know dolphins are supposed to be in fresh water," said Tiffany Thompson. "And it's just a baby."

"I hope they are able to get him out of here," said John Israel. "This is not exactly the cleanest water."

Police said they were hoping that the dolphin would swim out on its own once the tide rises.
                                                                                                      --- NY1

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