'Eat, Don't Speak'

Brooklyn Currents | 10/22/2013 | 0 comments

Eating in silence in Greenpoint

Do you like peace and quiet when you're eating?

If so, you would really enjoy "Eat, Don't Speak" nights about once a week at a restaurant with an emphasis on organic, locally grown food called simply Eat, in Greenpoint.

Chef Nicholas Nauman got the idea for silent meals from spending time in a Buddhist monastery in India when he was in college. "We had a silent breakfast every day," he said.

He believes this enables customers to concentrate on what they're eating and to fully appreciate the collage of tastes.

124 Meserole Ave

(between Manhattan Avenue and  Leonard Street)
(718) 389-8083
For a video report on the silent meals at Eat by the BBC, click here:


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