Marty's amphitheater dreams dampened -- again

Brooklyn Currents | 9/29/2013 | 1 comments

Coney Island Community Board 13 has rejected borough president Marty Markowitz's  latest plans to bring a large concert hall to Coney Island.

Following a heated meeting on Monday night,  Sept. 23, members of Community Board 13,  citing concerns over clogged streets, noise from events, and the estimated $53 million cost, voted 14-7 against Markowitz's dream to convert the historic Child's restaurant on West 21st Street off the boardwalk into a 5,000-seat amphitheater.

Community Board 13 rejected Marty Markowitz's plan to convert the former Childs Restaurant site in Coney into a new amphitheater.

Earlier in his administration, Markowitz -- who was term-limited out of running again for beep -- had made plans for a $64 million amphitheater in Asher Levy Park. That idea met with fierce opposition from residents, who voiced the same concerns over noise and congested streets as in his latest proposal.

The Sept. 23 rebuff was surprising, since the board's own Zoning and Land Use Committee earlier in the month  had voted 10-1 to approve the plan.

"It's hard to understand what happened [Monday]," said CB-13  district manager Chuck Reichenthal.

Markowitz defended the plan -- just as he had for his ill-fated Asher Levy Park proposal. "This project [would] generate jobs, economic development and joy for Coney Island and all of Brooklyn for generations to come," he said.
Because the community board's vote is only advisory, the city planning commission could still approve it at a vote in October and send it to the City Council for a final OK.

The amphitheater, hosting as many as 40 concerts between May and October,  would seat 5,000 people with room for another 2,000 on the lawn behind it, according to the plans.


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