Beyonce whirls through Coney Island -- but one woman is left in tears

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Woman breaks down in tears after she was stranded on the Wonder Wheel

Popular entertainer Beyonce's visit to Coney Island  to shoot a video on Friday, Aug. 30 drew the expected tons of attention from fans and the paparazzi -- but one woman probably would have preferred that the star had stayed home.

Beyonce couldn't come to Coney without riding the Cyclone
The woman, whose name was not disclosed by this posting, was among the people on the famous Wonder Wheel when Beyonce rode the iconic attraction.  Operators stopped the Wheel for about a half hour so Beyonce could touch up her make-up -- they apparently  had thought that all riders had been cleared off, not realizing that  the carriage occupied by the woman and her friend was kept motionless in the sky.

The woman told reporters she discovered from the experience that she had a definite fear of heights; when she was finally brought down, she was in tears.

It's unlikely that Beyonce knew that anyone was suspended in the air as she did her make-up.

In any case, the woman has asked for an apology from the star. Beyonce did not issue any statements by posting time.

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