5-year-old girl killed, 12-year-old boy critically injured in separate accidents

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A 5-year-old girl was killed and a 12-year-old boy was left in critical condition after being hit by cars in separate incidents.

In Sunset Park, little Kiko Shao was struck and killed by a white Cadillac Escalade Thursday, Sept. 26 just steps from her home as she was coming home from school with her dad.

Police say the preliminary investigation showed that the child was running on 55th Street towards Fifth Avenue when she was struck by the Escalade, which was going south on 55th Street.

"She passed me just like that, and she just crossed, she all of a sudden just crossed, and the car hit her," said one witness. "When I turned around, the little girl was just laying there."

Dozens of other bystanders and pedestrians in Sunset Park looked on in horror, including one delivery man who says he saw the incident unfold.

"He was not speeding," the man said. "He just crossed the light. Maybe the light had just changed. I don't know what happened, but he was just coming forward, and the little baby was standing right along nearby the 22 right there, and the front tire knocked her down, and then the rear tire ran over her."

Kiko was transported to the hospital, where police say she was pronounced dead.

Kiko's family was distraught upon returning home from the hospital Thursday night.
The little girl's grandfather was so distraught about her death, he had to be carried up the stairs. Inside, other family members were also inconsolable.

Police say a 28-year-old man was driving the Cadillac. He remained at the scene. Witnesses say that he, too, was distraught.

"He started crying," said one witness. "After he stopped, he got out the car, and he just started crying 'cause the little girl was just there laying down."

There were no immediate reports of any charges filed against the driver.


In Midwood,  a 12-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle as he crossed Bedford Avenue at Avenue M  about 8 p.m.  Tuesday, Sept. 24, critically injuring him.

Initial reports were that the child was struck by a hit-and-run driver, but that was not the case.

The driver, who was not immediately identified,  did stay at the scene, and  received two summonses following the accident — for speeding and driving with an expired license.
The child  was listed in critical condition at the Kings Highway Trauma Center.

By this posting, he was identified solely by his Hebrew name,  Gedaliyahu Yehonoson ben Miriam Sorah


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