B and Q subway service halted because of kittens

Brooklyn Currents | 8/30/2013 | 0 comments

Part of Brooklyn's subway service was literally stopped in its tracks -- by two kittens.

Power was cut to the B and Q lines  for about an hour and a half after a woman reported Thursday morning Aug. 29  that her kittens were loose in the subway system, transit officials said.

The adventurous  felines, one black and the other white with gray stripes, were finally found on the tracks and rescued about seven hours later.

It's not known how the furry little cats got onto the tracks, but they were seen risking at least one of their nine lives by running dangerously close to the third rail.

Their owner rushed to a subway station with cat food for transit workers to place on  the tracks to try to coax the kittens to safety.

Power was suspended between several stops -- about half the Q line and the B line's entire service in Brooklyn -- on the local and express tracks for 90 minutes, MTA spokeswoman Judie Glave said. The express line was stopped another half-hour while workers kept searching.

But the skittish kittens disappeared again before being discovered Thursday evening under the third rail of an above-ground express track. Police officers removed the kittens in crates, Glave said.

Officials said workers and passengers in  Flatbush had been on the lookout for the kittens, and train operators were instructed  to proceed with caution. If they saw anything moving on the tracks, they were to stop and notify the rail control center.

Some passengers wanted to join in the search along the tracks,  but MTA workers, citing safety concerns,  wouldn't let them.


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