Dog-on-dog attacks should be prosecuted: Bklyn woman

Brooklyn Currents | 7/17/2013 | 0 comments

Lauren Schneider in undated photo with pet Pomeranian Arlo,who was attacked in June.
Lauren Schneider with "Arlo" in undated photo
 Owners of dogs who attack other pets should be held accountable, says a Greenpoint woman, who lost her Pomeranian at the jaws of another dog in June.
"It doesn't make any sense that nothing can be done to prevent (a) dog from attacking other dogs," said Lauren Schneider, who has named the proposed "Arlo's Law" after her dead best friend. "Who's to say (a vicious dog) won't attack a small child next?"
The bill would hold owners responsible for their dogs' actions and call for a "dangerous dog hearing," as is done now in the case of dogs attacking humans.
Dogs deemed "dangerous" at these hearings must be given obedience training and be kept on a tight leash and a muzzle in public.
Currently, a pet owner's only recourse is to take civil action against the owner of the attacking dog, but such suits are seldom won.
An online petition in favor of Arlo's Law reportedly  has  generated 800 signatures in two weeks.


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